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Approved Court Ordered Classes for the Mandated Community.

Clients "Certificate of Completion" offered at affordable rates.



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Promoting our exciting well paying job position in criminal justice field .


Professional Training Opportunity 

Probationer Assistant (CPA) new position

Earn while you learn, become registered with us within 4 weeks of inhouse. Earn above average weekly income for assisting clients on probation to navigate through the training condition mandated by the Courts. Help those on probation complete training needs is what PA's are trained to do professionally. 

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Certified Advoctes

Advocates are trained and certified to understand the criminal court systems and how probation and parole officers effect defendants case outcome.  

Certification fees are $125 and training last four weeks with video training and staff professionals are assigned to work with you daily.

Hourly pay is on a performance system, but it a hourly pay position, no commision. Benefits and paid time off is optional.

Apply today for consideration to get started in your neighborhood assisting defendants with cases in the court.

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Our fees are the lowest fees for face to face training...

ACOC's School - Mandated Training Division Services

We make referrals to other training providers and we offer referrals to Attry and nonprofit agencies

  • We offer approved mandated training classes for defendants in the criminal courts system. 
  • At ACOC, We have been offering training in the Atlanta marketing since 2001 . 
  • We offer many unregulated training classes for criminal court & family and children services.
  • We specialize in designing  new training curriculum (new classes) for Criminal Court Judges and Court staff. 

Yes, Complete 12 Weeks Units on the same day.
Online training 24/7

ACOC's School Clinical Services & Eduational Training Division

  • Our instructors provide educational services in a variety of subjects in the mandated community.  
  • Our instructors are specialists in many subjects and do develop training curriculums. 
  • In additions to staff development, our training staff love helping clients complete court conditions.  

Training Certificates Package Class Training Fees

Staff discount code allows for per units discount.

Paying clients earn a $25 Giftcard for just 2 referrals.

Yes, earn our referral program for free and earn a $25 Gift card for just making 2 referral (clients) using your personalized ID code for our enrolled clients.

ACOC's School - Marketing Staff & Training Division

Become a part of our staff, 4 Professional Positions Available

The professional training tracks are great opportunities for ideal candidates looking to explain their career in the rewarding criminal justice field The staff development curriculum is the best in the industry. We offer both management training and basic leadership skills as ACOC's representatives in our expanding marketing divisions.

License Court Advocate (LCA)- works directly under the professional managers' positions or our CCO’s position with the primary tasks of assisting defendants while completing their court conditions. This entry level marketing position allows for staff to freelance while working directly with clients in the local communities.  

Certified Court Officer (COO) is a mid-level management position. COOs work directly with staff supervising defendants inside and outside of courthouse environment. Staff hiring, firing, training and accountability by C.R.O.'s. COOs work directly with courthouse staff including Probation Officer. They work with all assigned staff from court dockets and staff all Pretrial Service meeting in school zone; build relationship with criminal attorneys in your assigned courtrooms and the clerk of court in assigned school zone. 

Territory Zone Leader - (T.Z.L.) is a Licensure Executive Position for managing ACOC's 1-5-2 team. 

Team 1 Zone Leaders (ZL) provide staff support, training, and accountability for entire team of 15+ staffers.

Team 5 is CCO's mid level management position. Team 2 is LCA's primary ACOC representative, 10+ total associates. RA's work with all Staffers under ZL's supervision. ZL approve all promotions for all staff team members. 

RA - 
LCA - 
CCO - 

RA - LCA - CCO - TZL -

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We Specialize in Court Approved Training Classes2017 (docx)


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Career Opportunity for Professionals in Criminal Justice.

Professional Training Programs for candidates for potential staff in our marketing division. Several Certificates offerings for managers and leaders in field.

Staff Downloadables

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