Approved Court Ordered Classes for the Mandated Community.

Clients "Certificate of Completion" offered at affordable rates.

Job opportunities to get trained as "Probationer Assistant".

Receive our referral fee of $25 Visa Gift Card

Anyone can earn $25 for 3 referrals regardless of your location...inquire today!  

Advocate Position (LCA)

Become a Licensed Court Advocate (LCA) our management position that's responsible for processing clients services from ACOC through the Courts on behalf of our clients.  

Start earning at $15 to $18 per each client assisted through you or your team.  

Assist 20 clients on same day, earn $240 plus benefits. 

Become a Certified, Court Officer (CCO)

Our mid level management for working directly with  your team in the courtroom defendants, Attry's and court staff  in and around courthouse.   

Supervise and manage C.C.A.'s and Associates while confirming their ACOC's training requirements.  

CCO's Oversee a professional team working in local communities, inside and outside courthouses.   

Steps in marketing division progression

Territorial Zone Leader (ZL)

Z.L., Supervise and manage 15+ professional staffers and clients needing ACOC's services. 

School Countywide Curriculum Coordinator

Supervise and manage all staff in your assigned county.